Booking Terms & Conditions

The small print is never the easiest reading, but is important.  Our Booking Terms & Conditions outline our policies and procedures and clarify the contractual agreement between you, the lead person reserving the property (inclusive of all your guests), hereby known as “the guests” and us, ‘Diolch Mam Mawr’ trading as ‘Ty Mam Mawr Eco Retreat Centre’, hereby known as “the owners” and referred to as “we” in this document.  

1.   General

1.1      The trading name of the partnership is ‘Ty Mam Mawr Eco Retreat Centre’  and the partnership title is ‘Diolch Mam Mawr’. The owners and partners are Shayne Newlyn and Nathan Green.   

1.2      The partnership address is:    1 Celyn Coed, Cynwyd, Corwen, Denbigshire, LL21 0LN, United Kingdom.

1.3      Rental agreements are made between Diolch Mam Mawr, “the owners”  and “the guests” (inclusive of all parties within that booking).

1.4      “The Guests” deposit payment is confirmation of their booking.   Upon receipt of the deposit it is confirmed that “the guests” agree to these Booking Terms & Conditions, and other policies displayed on the web site or provided/made available to the Guests, and the ‘House Rules and Manual’.

2.   Rental Duration and Times

2.1      Rentals are for a minimum of 3 nights and a maximum of 14 nights unless otherwise agreed.

2.2      Rentals commence at 1700 hrs on the first day of the “rental period” and end at 1100 hrs on the day of departure unless otherwise notified.  

2.3      The arrival date and the departure date will hereby be referred to as “the rental period” and will be stated on the Booking Confirmation provided to “the guest” when they make their booking.  The rental period can only be exceeded if “the owners” give written approval.  If “the guests” exceeds “the rental period” without prior approval, for whatever any reason, they will be liable for any and all costs of whatever nature incurred because of an unauthorised rental period.

3.   The Greener Camping Club 

3.1      In order to comply with countryside planning policy, we operate as a Greener Camping Club members-only campsite. The Club was established by people with a passion for sustainable, eco-friendly camping  holidays. 

3.2      When you book your holiday with us, you will be enrolled as a member of the Club. Membership costs just £12 for the calendar year and gives you access to some of the greenest campsites in the UK. 

3.3      It   also includes participation in the Club’s ‘Trees for Life’ scheme, whereby a tree is planted for every member we enrol.

3.4      In the event of a booking cancellation by either “the guests” or “the owners” then the £12 membership fee is non-refundable.

4.   Booking Requests, Confirmations Payments and Deposits

4.1      When “the guest” initiates a booking request they will provide valid debit or credit card details using the secure online payment system provided.

4.2      The booking amount as detailed in the booking request (and broken down as described below) will be pre-authorised against the card details provided and held for up to seven days but no charge will be made until “the owners” have contacted “the guests” and confirmed the booking request within that timeframe. Dates will not be reserved until the booking has been confirmed.

4.3      On confirmation of the booking, the booking amount will be charged against the card on the basis detailed below.

4.4      If a booking request is made 60 days or more before “the rental period” is due to start, a deposit of 30% will be charged with the balance of the booking amount payable no later than 60 days before “the rental period”.

4.5      If a booking request is made less than 60 days before “the rental period” is due to start, the full booking amount, plus all additional fees, will be charged.

4.6      Please note that the deposit includes full payment (£12) for your Greener Camping Club membership. 

4.7      Except by prior agreement, a £500 refundable security deposit is payable no later than 14 days before check in. A link to pay will be sent shortly before that time. If the security deposit is not received 14 days ahead of the “rental period” then the booking will be deemed to have been cancelled by the guest and ‘Cancellation by “The Guests”’  clause will apply.

4.8       If paid then the security deposit will be refunded in full within 72 hours of the end of the “rental period” providing none of it has been withheld to cover part or full payment of excessive cleaning fees or damages as detailed elsewhere in this document.

5.   Final Payment

5.1      Unless otherwise agreed by “the owners” in writing, the price for “the rental period” shall be the rent for the property, plus all additional charges, as set out in the website at the time of the booking or requested by “the guests”.

5.2      Subject to item 7, upon receipt of the booking being accepted by “the owners”, “the guests” is liable for payment of the balance of the rent, plus any additional charges.

5.3      The final payment of the rent, plus any additional charges are payable to “the owners”, 60 days before the start of “the rental period” and is hereby known as “the due date”.  Non-payment of the balance of the rent, plus any additional charges, by “the due date” will be treated as a cancellation unless an agreement has been made between “the owners” and “the guests” prior to “the due date”.

5.4      If payment has not been received by “the due date”, then “the guests” will lose their booking and the deposit will be forfeit.

5.5      “The owners” shall not be responsible for sending a reminder of “the due date”.   “The due date” will be set out on the Booking Confirmation and Invoice.

6.   Alteration Of A Booking

6.1      Once a booking has been accepted by “the owners” the booking can only be altered by “the owners” agreeing in writing.    

6.2       “The rental period”  may be altered, subject to the following conditions. “The guests” must put this request in writing to “the owners”.  If “the owners” can accommodate this alteration to the booking they will agree in writing to “the guests”.   The date the request is received by “the owners” will be classed as “day 1”.

6.3      If the date of the request to alter a booking from “the guests” is  up to 45 days before the arrival date then “the owners” will enable that alteration if possible.

6.4      If the date of the request to alter a booking from “the guests” is  between 45 and 14 days before the arrival date an extra fee will be applied of 25% of the total booking cost if we can accommodate “the guests” request to alter the booking. In this event, an alteration will be made to the total booking cost. If we cannot accommodate “the guests” request to alter the booking, “the rental period” will stand and “the guests” will be liable for the rent, plus any additional charges.  The date the request is received by “the owners” will be classed as “day 1”. 

6.5      If the date of the request to alter a booking from “the guests” is  less than 14 days before the arrival date an extra fee will be applied of 50% of the total booking cost if we can accommodate “the guests” request to alter the booking. In this event, an alteration will be made to the total booking cost. If we cannot accommodate “the guests” request to alter the booking, “the rental period” will stand and “the guests” will be liable for the rent, plus any additional charges.  The date the request is received by “the owners” will be classed as “day 1”. 

6.6      If the request to alter a booking from “the guests” can be accommodated then “the guests”  agree to pay the prevailing rate for the new dates if greater than the rates applied for the original booking. In this event, an alteration will be made to the total booking cost.

7.   Cancellation by “the guests”

7.1      A booking can only be cancelled prior to the start of “the rental period”.

7.2      If “the guests” wishes to cancel “the rental period”, they must notify “the owners” in writing  of their wish to cancel “the rental period” as soon as possible.

7.3      In the event that notice to cancel has been received by “the owners”, then a cancellation charge will be payable.  This will depend on the number of days notice given (in writing) by “the guests” before “the rental period”.   The number of days notice refers to the date the cancellation was received by “the owners”.   The date the request is received by “the owners” will be classed as “day 1”.

The cancellation charge payable is set out below:

Number of days before “the rental period” that notification is receivedCancellation Charge (as a percentage of the total cost of “the rental period”
14 days or less100% 
15 – 45 days75%
46 days or more25%

8.   Cancellation by “The Owners”

8.1      “The Owners” reserve the right to cancel a booking at short notice if we are unable to provide safe yurt accommodation or camping environment, due to extreme weather conditions, ill health,  fire, flooding or any other extenuating circumstances beyond our control excepting pandemic situations as detailed below.

8.2      Under such circumstances, your full payment will be returned to you. 

8.3      “The owners” cannot accept liability or responsibility for any loss, including consequential loss, caused by cancellation. 

8.4      The Greener Camping Club membership fee is not refundable.

9.   Cancellation in the Event of Covid-19 Infection

9.1      What happens if you have to cancel your booking for any of the following reasons:

  • You  or a member of your party have a positive Covid-19 test
  • You or a member of your party have to self-isolate due to contact with a Covid-19 sufferer 
  • You or a member of your party develop Covid-19 symptoms and are awaiting test results
  • Your area is put into a localised lockdown – that means you will be breaking the law if you travel.

9.2      If any of the above apply and proof is provided then we will do our best to offer alternative dates for your booking. Nightly rates may increase or decrease accordingly.

9.3      If a reschedule is not possible then the ‘Cancellation by “The Guests”’  clause will apply.

10.        Special Coronavirus Condition

10.1   If, as a result Government restrictions on campsites we are forced to cancel your holiday, we make a  heartfelt request that rather than a refund, we instead hold your deposit as a credit against a later stay, valid    for up to 12 months from your original holiday dates. If you postpone until the following year your Greener Camping Club membership will be carried over to the end of that year.

10.2   As a small business, we are wholly dependent on your custom for our survival. We realise that these are difficult times for all, but your support will help us get through this and continue to make Ty Mam Mawr a wonderful place to stay.

11.        Optional Extras

11.1   All optional extras that are listed will be charged at the rates shown on the website or notices at the property.

12.        Price Changes

12.1   “The owners” reserve the right to increase or amend the rental price quoted on the website at any time and without notice.  Increased or amended prices will only be applied to bookings received after the amendment has been made.

13.        Method Of Payment

13.1   Payments should be made online by debit or credit card using the secure payment system provided or if agreed, by electronic bank transfer using the bank details provided.    

13.2   Any charges raised against “the owners” by their bank for handling dishonoured bank transfers or any other payments will be passed on to “the guests”, who will be liable to reimburse “the owners” within seven days of receipt of notification from “the owners”.

14.        Eligibility

14.1   Bookings will not be accepted from groups under the age of 18 years 

14.2   Bookings will not be accepted or traditional stag or hen parties.

15.        The Rental Period

15.1   “The guests” has the right to occupy the property for “the rental period” only (within the meaning of Schedule 1, Paragraph 9 of the Housing Act 1988).

16.        Guest Obligations

“The guest” agrees:

16.1   To read, understand and comply with these terms and conditions, any other policies provided or displayed on the website or on the property and any instructions detailed in the ‘Ty Mam Mawr Rules and Manual’ or provided to cover specific items or areas on the property.

16.2   To pay for all additional wood stove fuel, kindling and firelighters used during “the rental period” and not included in the rent;

16.3   To pay for any losses or damages to the property and contents caused by” the guests”  (reasonable wear and tear excluded).  If it is proven that damage is directly attributable to “the guests” then “the owners”, has the right to reclaim any and all costs incurred.  All damage or breakages must be reported immediately so issues can be put right before the arrival of the next guests.

16.4   That it is their responsibility to take reasonable care of the property and leave it in a clean and tidy condition at the end of “the rental period” in the same clean and tidy state as they found it when they arrived.   A mid “rental period” cleaning service is not provided.  If “the guests” are staying for one weeks or more “the owners” will change the bed linen and towels with no charge.  

16.5   After the “rental period” a full clean of the property will be carried out ready for the next guests. The cost for this clean is included in the booking charge. If the property has not been left in suitably clean and tidy state then further reasonable cleaning charges will be applied and “the guest” will have to pay them.

16.6   There is an inspection of the property after the end of “the rental period” and if any items are found missing during this, “the owners” will take suitable action to retrieve or seek reimbursement for these items.  A list of inventory is outlined and accounted for each booking made.  “The guests” will be restricted from reserving property on Ty Mam Mawr Eco Retreat Centre in the future.

16.7    “The guests” must permit “the owners” reasonable access to the property on request.

16.8    “The guests” will not share possession of the property with anyone other than that indicated on the booking form.  

16.9   Day visitors are only permitted by prior agreement. Fees may apply.

16.10    “The guests” will not sell or transfer the booking to another party without “the owners” agreement in writing and with sufficient notice.

16.11    “The guests” will not exceed the total number of people stipulated in the property description for whatever reason.  

16.12    “The guests” may not cause an annoyance or become a nuisance to “the owners”, occupants of adjoining properties or neighbours within the vicinity of Ty Mam Mawr Eco Retreat Centre.  

16.13   “The guests” undertake to behave in a proper, appropriate and legal manner with due consideration and respect to “the owners”, the property, other guests and their property. 

16.14   If any guest behaves inappropriately or improperly or illegally, we reserve the right to remove the guest and their party from the property before the end of the “rental period”. In this event no refund will be provided.

16.15   This is a peaceful, quiet campsite for the enjoyment of nature. Amplified music allowed only by prior consent and only quiet talking is permitted after 11.00pm. Acoustic instruments can be played before then, such as drums, guitars, harmonicas, flutes etc. Noisy visitors who disturb other guests will be asked politely to leave, without refund. If you are out for the night and arrive back late, please be mindful of other guests and the owners.

16.16   All rubbish must be recycled. That means separating glass, tins, plastic, paper, cardboard, food waste etc.   and placing them in the designated bins. What is left, ie. only items that are not recyclable, can be placed in the general waste bin.

16.17   Guests are absolutely not allowed to smoke in the yurts, roundhouse, cabins of Ty Mam Mawr Eco Retreat Centre.  Any guests caught smoking in these areas will be asked to vacate the property.

16.18   Gas for the kitchen cookers and hot water heters is included in the price of the booking. Please use the gas cooker in accordance with the instructions and never leave anything aflame if you are not in attendance.

16.19   Wood stoves, BBQs, fire bowls and firepits

16.19.1                  “The guests” are to follow the instructions provided in the Ty Mam Mawr Rules and Manual or in any other location relating to the use of Wood stoves, BBQs, fire bowls and firepits

16.19.2                  One tub of compressed hardwood briquettes, a kindling pack and three firelighters are provided for each wood burning stove free of charge.  This wood has been specially processed and is suitable for the named equipment.  This wood should not be used on the fire bowls or firepits as it burns too long and hot and is not suitable for a BBQ or toasting marshmallows.  

16.19.3                  Another 3 packs of compressed hardwood briquettes (@£5) and 3 kindling & firelighter packs (@£2) are available in the log cabin kitchen and the big yurt. You may help yourself to these but must pay for them by putting the relevant amount of money in the honesty box on the wall in the cabin kitchen. If you require extra packs of compressed hardwood briquettes or kindling/firelighter packs then please request them.

16.19.4                  Wood logs are available for the fire bowls or firepits and can be purchased on request. 

16.19.5                  Charcoal for the BBQs can be made available by prior arrangement.

16.19.6                  “The guests” are not to help themselves to any items contained in “the owners” log sheds, storage sheds or workshops or any other private spaces on the property.

16.19.7                  “The guests” are not to remove wood/timber from anywhere off or outside the property.

16.19.8                  “The guests” should be aware that the fire bowls and firepits are open and get very hot and therefore the risk of burns and scalds is very high.  

16.19.9                  “The guests” should ensure that the fire pit is not piled too high with wood and is attended at all times.  

16.19.10               “The guests” should not leave young children unattended if they have lit the fire pit.

16.20   “The guests” will make themselves aware of the location of firefighting equipment on the property.

16.21   Cast iron cookware is provided for use on the outside fires. “The Guests” must closely follow the provided instructions for using and cleaning these items.

17.        Children and Adults Safety

17.1   There are many opportunities for play and adventure at Ty Mam Mawr. Our aim is for children to have a truly enriching experience of space and freedom. But there are contingent risks to be aware of.

17.2   We permit campfires, we have a couple of axes for making kindling and splitting firewood, the yurts have wood burning stoves, there are shallow streams and other ponds and lakes nearby. 

17.3   There are livestock in the fields nearby. Be careful when entering fields containing livestock.

17.4   Far machinery can be dangerous. Beware.. 

17.5   These risks are small and should be self-evident – but if you are not clear, please ask! 

17.6   “The owners”  accepts no responsibility for injury incurred on site. 

17.7   Parents are responsible for the supervision of their children on site at all times.

17.8   Paths are provided to the yurts but may be uneven, wet and slippery at times. The yurts are in small grassed and gravelled areas with some steep banks, steps and stony terrain. Please take care and bring appropriate footwear such as wellies or hiking boots.

18.        Breakages & Damage

18.1   Should any damage or breakages occur, other than acceptable wear and tear, a charge for repairs or replacement will be made. 

18.2   “The guests” must report any such damage to “the owners” immediately. Come and find us or email/text/call if we aren’t in.

18.3   We reserve the right to charge extra for excessive cleaning where a yurt has been left in an unacceptable condition, through waste, litter, interference in the structure, movement of furniture and contents etc. 

18.4   Guests will be held responsible for any fire, smoke or general damage, or alteration to the structure caused by negligence.

18.5   It is not our policy to give refunds for anything we can remedy which makes your stay less than enjoyable without being contacted first either by phone or in person. 

18.6   Should any significant damage occur during your stay you will be held responsible and must make good to a reasonable market value

18.7   A security deposit will be required prior to check in. This is to cover the initial part of the cost of any damage that you, any other member of your party or your pets might cause during your stay. No monies will be taken from you unless we initiate the process during or after your stay and we will communicate with you to discuss the matter first. Your security deposit will be refunded within 72 hours after the “rental period” ends if it has not been necessary to withhold any of it.

19.        Non-Availability Of The Property

19.1   If for any reason beyond “the owners” control (except certified pandemics including COVID-19), the reserved property is not available for “the rental period” (i.e. due to storm damage or the property being unsuitable or dangerous to rent) “the owners” will transfer “the rental period” if possible. 

19.2    If this is not possible and “the guests” do not want alternative dates “the owners” will refund the deposit and/all rent, including any other charges that “the guests” has paid except the Greener Glamping Club membership fee.

20.         Negligence

20.1   Guests will be liable for any fire, damage, or alteration to the structure of the yurt or other parts of the site caused by negligence. 

20.2   It is prohibited to interfere or adapt the structure of the yurts or cabins in any way. 

21.        Weather conditions

21.1   Please note that on the fairly infrequent occasions that the temperature drops below zero for more than a few of days the water supply to the big yurt kitchenette/shower and the log cabin may start to freeze and we might then have to drain the system to prevent damage to pipes/fittings and the water heaters. 

21.2   We have ‘winterised’ the log cabin plumbing but if the temperature seriously drops below zero for an extended period then there won’t be much we can do. 

21.3   We will be able to supply water in containers for drinking, cooking and washing and the compost loo will still be fully functional. 

21.4   We are up at 400m so if there is heavy and persistent snowfall, access to the property from the village one mile away may only be possible on foot or in a 4×4 vehicle. It’s all part of the adventure!!! 

22.        Liability

22.1   “The guests” are asked to take care at all times while on our property. We accept no liability for accident, loss of property or personal injury incurred whilst on site. Axes, fires and knives should be used by a responsible adult only and are used entirely at their own risk.

22.2   Ty Mam Mawr Eco Retreat Centre will not be liable for any act, neglect or default or any other person not within their employ or otherwise under their control, nor for any accident, damage, loss, injury, expense or inconvenience, whether to person or property, which “the guests” or any other person may suffer or incur arising out of, or in any way connected with the rental unless Ty Mam Mawr Eco Retreat Centre is responsible.  In addition, “the owners” and Ty Mam Mawr Eco Retreat Centre accept no liability for loss of or damage to “the guests” possessions, including vehicles, motor or pedal cycles and other forms of  transport, on “the owners” property or land.

22.3    “The guests” are required to have their own holiday insurance for the duration of “the rental period” with Ty Mam Mawr Eco Retreat Centre and this should cover all their party, including; their animals, personal belongings, money, pedal cycles, vehicles, equipment, foods, medicines, injury or death how so ever caused whilst on the grounds of Ty Mam Mawr Eco Retreat Centre.  The insurance should also cover cancellation of the holiday due to circumstances outside of the control of Ty Mam Mawr Eco Retreat Centre,

22.4   Nothing in these conditions excludes or limits the liability of “the owners”:

22.4.1   for death or personal injury caused by “the owners” negligence;

22.4.2   for any matter which it would be illegal for Ty Mam Mawr Eco Retreat Centre or “the owners” to exclude or attempt to exclude their liability.

23.        Property descriptions

23.1   Some of the information on this website relates to matters beyond the properties such as shops and public houses.  

23.2   Closure of such premises and other changes to external facilities are outside “the owners” control. 

24.        Complaints

24.1   Any complaints must be notified to “the owners” as soon as reasonably practicable, as “the owners” may be required to carry out an on-the-spot investigation and if necessary, take remedial action.   “The guests” have a legal obligation to mitigate their loss.

24.2   If “the owners” are denied the opportunity of investigating the complaint within a reasonable time or denied the opportunity to put matters right during “the rental period”, then “the guests” will waive all rights.

25.        Dogs and other pets

25.1   Dogs are only permitted with the prior consent of “the owners” and where dogs are permitted; “the guests” should make every effort to keep their dog/s under control and exercised so as not to cause nuisance to other guests.  If your dog/s are normally boisterous or have not been sepcifally trained not to chase cats, chickens, sheep or other livestock then “the guests” must keep them on a leash whilst on the property.

25.2   Dogs are not permitted on the furniture unless the guests and must not be left in the property unsupervised as this can result in considerable damage to the property and also cause distress to the dog.   

25.3   A extra charge will be made for each pet as detailed on the website.

25.4   “The owners” will not accept responsibility for the safety or behaviour of “the guests” dog/s.

25.5   “The guests” are fully responsible for any damage that their pets cause during the “rental period” or whilst on the property. Such damage will be chargeable.

26.        Inventory

26.1   An inspection of the property and these items is carried out before “the guests” arrive and after “the guests” leaves and the property has been cleaned.  Any breakages or items that are out of order are replaced.  

26.2   If you find any discrepancies you are obliged to report them to “the owners” within 24 hours of arrival.  We cannot replace or fix these if we do not know about it.   

26.3   If none are reported “the owners” will assume everything is okay.

27.        Bed Linen And Towels

27.1   Bed linen and towels are changed between “the rental period” and a fresh set is provided weekly if “the rental period” is over 7 days.

28.        Televisions

28.1   There are no televisions in structures.

29.        Mobile Phones

29.1   The property is situated in a beautiful but remote countryside location.   This means you might not be able to get reception on your mobile phone whilst staying on the property.

30.        Wi-Fi and Internet Access

30.1   Please note that Wi-Fi and Internet Access are made available only as a courtesy 

30.2   “the owners” make no guarantee that it will be available at all times or of its’ quality or connection speed when it is available.

31.        Breach Of Contract

31.1   If there is a breach of any of these conditions by “the guests”, “the owners” reserves the right to re-enter the property and end “the rental period”.  “The guests” will be asked to leave.

31.2   Ending “the rental period” by “the owners” will not affect “the guests” other rights.

32.        Governing Law And Jurisdiction

32.1   Any dispute will be governed by the non-exclusive law and jurisdiction of the Welsh, English or Scottish Courts.

33.        Authority To Sign

33.1   The person who completes the booking certifies that:

  • He or she is authorised to agree the Booking Terms & Conditions on behalf of all persons included on the booking, including those substituted or added at a later date;
  • The signatory is over eighteen years of age;
  • They agree to take responsibility for the party occupying the property, and to notify “the owners” if they are not a member of that party.

34.        Discrepancies

34.1   In case of a discrepancy between these Booking Terms & Conditions and any other contents of the Ty Mam Mawr Eco Retreat Centre website, these conditions shall prevail, but this shall not limit Ty Mam Mawr Eco Retreat Centre’s liability for failure to supply the accommodation as described on the website.

35.        Previous Websites

35.1   This website and these Booking Terms & Conditions replace and supersede all previous websites and Booking Conditions.

36.        Changes to Booking Terms and Conditions

36.1   When changes are made to these terms and conditions, they will be published on the Ty Mam Mawr web site. These new Terms and Conditions replace and supersede all previous Terms and Conditions and the contract established will be governed by the updated Terms and Conditions.

37.        Validity Clause

37.1   In the event that a court finds that a condition in these Booking Terms & Conditions is illegal or void, the illegal or void provision will be severed from the remainder of the Booking Conditions, which will continue to be valid and have full force and effect.