Ty Mam Mawr

An intimate off grid Eco Retreat Centre

Ty Mam Mawr off grid eco retreat centre nestles in Cynwyd Forest high in the Berwyn Mountains of North Wales and is a fantastic venue for intimate events, workshops and residential retreats.

Ty Mam Mawr is Welsh for 'House of the Great Mother'. She has been created to celebrate life and to connect deeply with nature and Mother Earth.

Centred around a magnificent straw bale roundhouse, accommodation is provided in two gorgeous yurts. There's a fully equipped kitchen in the log cabin with a small dining area plus a shower room/toilet and another smaller log cabin kitchenette with a compost loo and shower.

The roundhouse will very comfortably seat 20-25 people or to look at it another way, there's space for 8-10 yogis. The yurts will accommodate up to 12 folk between them whilst up to 6 guests can sleep in the roundhouse. Pets are welcome...within reason!!

There is space to park 8-10 cars/carts/vans/spaceships etc...

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Off Grid Living

Living lightly and in tune with Mother Earth

To us, off grid living is about being as self reliant as possible and living lightly on the land.  For some that means living in a bender in the woods, cooking foraged food on a fire and wearing a hair shirt. We aren't quite that hardcore...mostly!

Our water is from a mountain spring, unpolluted and energised... pure medicine!  

We produce all our own electricity from renewable sources including the sun, wind and rain.

Internet access is available if needed and we enjoy many other mod cons like a fridge, toaster, oven, washing machine and dishwasher but try to upsize and reuse as much as possible.

We hope to inspire others that living off grid can be comfortable and easy. A comfortable and fulfilling lifestyle doesn't have to cost the Earth!

If you build it they will come...

A place for change and growth, learning and being

When we envisaged building our off grid eco retreat centre Ty Mam Mawr, it was with the aim of sharing this beautiful space and the stunning surroundings with folk who want to live life in harmony with nature, have lots of laughter and fun, experience deep joy and a peaceful heart.

Ty Mam Mawr is a place where you can leave the world (and your mind!) behind and sink deeply back into nature and into your self…experience true connection.

It is a place for change and growth, learning and being. A space where we may be at our best...happy and at peace. Only then can we help to make the world a better place.

The core values of our vision are:

  • Connection to nature...spirit...the divine
  • Sharing our love for Mother Earth and each other
  • Self-reliance & sustainability
  • Spiritual growth and celebration.
What's going on at Ty Mam Mawr?

A bit about us...

Hello lovely people! We are Shayne and Nathan.

Rather than just talking about it, we followed our hearts and walked away from a 'conventional lifestyle' in order to create this retreat centre and live the life we dreamed of on our off-grid eco property.

Our greatest joy is helping to make the world a happier place. We feel that sharing this little piece of paradise enables that process...both for us and for others. We both care deeply for our planet and all those beings that live here. As custodians of this special place we feel it's our duty to care for it and all who we share with.

Shayne: My main focus is facilitating personal and spiritual growth (often my own!) and animal communication work - both one to one and running workshops teaching others. More info about that can be found at weareallone.co.uk.

Nathan: I've worn many different hats over the years but now concentrate on maintaining our property and carrying out random acts of woodwork, metalwork, gardening, music and kindness!

We will do our absolute best to ensure that your stay here at Ty Mam Mawr is as relaxed, fruitful and nourishing as possible. Enjoy!

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