The little things that matter..

Anu - Activity kitten extraordinaire

I really want to point out how grateful I am for all the little things that add up to making this place so special.  Some are not so little, like the beautiful forest that surrounds us, or the mountains and hills that is our view.  The huge open skies and the lack of light pollution, enabling us to see the stars so clearly that you could almost touch them.

Then there are all the flowers and trees that grace the land we live on, the bugs and our resident hedgehog Harry.  Our lovely chickens Essie, Issy and Ellie who are so comical chatting away to us and each other, as well as being quite elusive that we often can’t find where they’ve laid their eggs.

Then there are our three beloved cats who lend an extremely laid back cuteness quality to our home and are constantly entertaining with their antics and adventures.  Lastly, our two very spoilt and loving dogs, Ruby and Tilly.  The two have established their own hierarchy which shifts daily depending on the ‘job’ at hand.  They have a very good life, twice daily walks, the best food a dog could wish for and mountains of love.

Thank you to all of the above and most of all to The Great Mother for everything and embracing us as your children.

White Lions

We were deeply honoured to host the Global White Lion Protection Trusts weekend Leadership retreat.  Linda Tucker CEO and Julie Lines decided to hold their event here because it was so in line with their ethos of living living lightly on the planet and being a warrior for change.

The weekend was about becoming the best we can be in order to help the earth and all the animal kingdom, in particular the White Lions of Africa.  The course was about embracing lion principles in our actions and learning to live the qualities of what it takes to be lion hearted.

It was a powerful weekend, with teachings on becoming a true leader, creative art, group activities to solve issues such as ecology, water problems and educating our communities. There were some dynamic and cathartic rituals which ultimately led to a greater sense of empowerment in knowing we can all help the world to be a better place, and in fact we are all needed.

Click here to find out more about the Global White Lion Protection Trust

Summer of Love…

Relaxing, laughing, healing. Guests love Ty Mam Mawr Eco Retreat Centre

Our first year after opening has succeeded our dreams by far.  We have hosted six retreats which have been so much fun, bringing people together to share a mutual love of life, the planet and our fellow creatures.

We have been honoured to welcome new people and welcome ones we already knew to share the joy of creating and helping each other to grow, be the love we were born to be, and to laugh, dance and spread the love.  

Ty Mam Mawr – The House of the Great Mother has become a teacher and living entity in her own right.  She is a space that holds, that clears away blocks and ultimately helps birth us into greater versions of who we were born to be.  It is a journey and we are so grateful for this opportunity of having this beautiful space for people to come to and hold their events.  

Next year we aim to hold a lot more workshops and events, so watch this space.  If you are interested in hiring Ty Mam Mawr please do contact us to talk through your requirements.



Our first retreat…

Happy people at Ty Mam Mawr 's first bio energy meditation retreat

Wow!  What an amazing first retreat we all had.

It started with everyone arriving at the allowed time and…. we weren’t quite ready!  The windows needed cleaning, the carpet vacuumed, food cooking, fire pit building and seating.  

To our delight people wanted to help.  Soon there was a buzz of activity as people got stuck in to whatever needed doing.. The atmosphere was electric with excitement and the pure joy of working together as a community to achieve our goal… having a beautiful space to sink into and enjoy the journey we all went on over the weekend.

We ate wonderful vegan food, cooked by us all, we had fire pit frolics, singing, story telling and even a visit from an Indian diety aka Paul aka Hanuman.  

The retreat was designed to go deep in order to clear blocks to perfect health and happiness.  We were blessed to have glorious weather, so in between the 3 daily sessions we went for walks in the hills, wild swimming in the river Dee and lots of chill time in hammocks.

The retreat officially ended on Sunday afternoon, and many people stayed on for another night with Indian take away, lots of laughter and a well earned evening of relaxing and enjoying each others company.