An ongoing cycle of retreats, hosted by a magical collaboration of experienced space holders honouring the powerful points & festivals on the Celtic Wheel

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An ancient solar calendar marking time and seasons used devotionally by our ancestors to maximise abundance, harmonise life and to deepen & rebalance their relationship to Earth & Cosmos.

It is a wheel of connection to each phase of nature as the seeds sprouted, plants budded and blossomed, fruited, turned to seed then went to ground; these cycles repeating in an endless turning of the wheel of our lives.

This is an incredible opportunity to journey on any or all of the eight annual Celtic Wheel Celebrations with other like minded individuals on the sacred and bountiful land at Ty Mam Mawr – House of the Great Mother.

A peaceful, beautiful and life affirming sacred space.  Intentionally created as a self reliant off grid retreat centre nestling in mountainous forest on one of the most powerful ley lines in North Wales.

Surrounded by many sacred sites and stones, this space amplifies intentions and energy like no other. Changes experienced here are profound and will carry far and wide. 🌀

Why do this?

It is beyond exciting to announce this powerful collaboration, bridging various conscious communities together & inviting both sisters and brothers to be part of this transformational and powerful healing journey. 

Ty Mam Mawr has called us to bring together both women and men to heal with and through one another and the land itself. To explore ways and tools which will rebalance the sacred feminine and masculine energies, both within us and in the outer world. 

Right now on Earth, we live in a disembodied world, with distorted societal pressures leading us astray into the push of the shadow masculine, teaching us to force, keep going, abandon the Earth and our wild cyclic nature. The Earth and the stars have never been so loud in their call to bring us home to remember how to live in right relationship with the land, with ourselves and with each other. 

  • What if we lived in a world where the feminine and masculine in both women and men was tended to and nurtured? 
  • What if we all used nature as our compass and returned to a way of being that didn’t lead us astray and into disconnection? 
  • What if we truly acknowledged and valued the naturally powerful transformational cycle of life, death and rebirth?
  • What if we gave back to the Earth in the same way that she gives us life, breath and nourishment? 

This is a very powerful time of change, and we believe wholeheartedly that it is up to us to step up. To stand up for ourselves, each other and the Earth. To live and lead by example.

This offering has been a clear and concise message from the land itself at Ty Mam Mawr and we have committed to listen and do our part to help shape a new way. 

The Retreats

Each 3-4 day retreat will be held by a minimum of 2 hosts, male and female, representing both energies. 

Every retreat will be different but there will be a common theme of co-creation. The hosts will work together with you the participants to organically create an experience most aligned and beneficial for all. Together we will weave into each retreat aspects of the Celtic Wheel festival we are celebrating.   

Various practices, workshops, ceremonies and circles will be offered that reconnect you to yourself, to the land, to our ancestors & to the Divine. 

As well as leaving plenty of time in between offerings to enjoy the stunning surroundings of Ty Mam Mawr and the peace and healing that they provide.

Things we might explore together….

  • Calling home the Witch and the Wizard
  • Connecting and reconnecting to nature by BEING in it
  • Healing the land 
  • Deepening our relationship to both the Earth and Solar cycles 
  • Sacred pilgrimages & walking the land 
  • Foraging and self reliance
  • Rebalancing the sacred masculine & sacred feminine energies 
  • Reconnecting to our cyclic nature 
  • Creating harmony and alignment through ancient Earth wisdom 
  • Remembering our ancestors and the ways of the ancients
  • Developing a mindful approach to the Earth Mother and ways to live more sustainably 

The Eight Festivals on the Wheel

Starting with Samhain (Sow-wen), these 8 festivals are the 8 points on the Celtic wheel of the year. Each year is slightly different so ranges of the dates of each year are provided below:

  1. Samhain – End of October / Beginning of November
  2. Yule (Winter Solstice) – December 20th to 23rd
  3. Imbolc – End of January / Beginning of February
  4. Ostara (Spring Equinox) – March 20th to 23rd
  5. Beltane – End of April / Beginning of May
  6. Litha (Summer Solstice) – June 20th to 23rd
  7. Lammas / Lughnasadh – End of July / Beginning of August
  8. Mabon (Autumnal Equinox) – September 20th to 23rd

Retreat Dates and Hosts

Scheduled Dates (TBC)Hosts
BeltaneThursday 4th to Sunday 7th May 2023Emma & Nathan
Litha – Summer SolsticeMonday 19 to Friday 23 Jun 2023Lynsey & Nathan
Lammas / LughnasaFriday 4th to Monday 8th Aug 2023Nia & Nathan
Mabon – Autumn EquinoxFriday 22nd to Monday 25th Sep 2023
SamhainFriday 3rd to 8th Nov 2023Tammy and Nathan
Yule – Winter SolsticeTuesday 19th to 23rd Dec 2023Aimee and Alex
ImbolcFriday 2nd 5th Feb 2024
Ostara – Spring EquinoxTuesday 19th to 22nd Mar 2024
BeltaneFriday 3rd to Tuesday 7th May 2024
Litha – Summer SolsticeThursday 20th to Monday 24th Jun 2024
Lammas / LughnasaTuesday 6th to Thursday 8th Aug 2024
Mabon – Autumn EquinoxFriday 20th to Tuesday 24th Sept 2024

About the Hosts