Celtic Wheel Celebrations

Ty Mam Mawr Celtic Wheel Celebrations Logo 1

It is beyond exciting to announce this powerful collaboration, bridging various conscious communities together & inviting both sisters and brothers to be part of this transformational and powerful healing journey.

Ty Mam Mawr has called us to bring together both women and men to heal with and through one another and the land itself. To explore ways and tools which will rebalance the sacred feminine and masculine energies, both within us and in the outer world.

Click here to find out more about the Celtic Wheel Celebrations here at Ty Mam Mawr

Right now on Earth, we live in a disembodied world, with distorted societal pressures leading us astray into the push of the shadow masculine, teaching us to force, keep going, abandon the Earth and our wild cyclic nature. The Earth and the stars have never been so loud in their call to bring us home to remember how to live in right relationship with the land, with ourselves and with each other.

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